Sep 28, 2023

Collaborating for animal welfare: new environment-controlled JAS holding rooms for Aviagen chicks at London Heathrow

As a global poultry breeder, Aviagen® thrives through great working relationships with external stakeholders in the supply chain.

A prime example is our enduring relationship with JAS Worldwide, experts in international freight forwarding and logistics. Aviagen sends breeding stock to over 100 countries worldwide and our primary focus is the welfare of the day-old chicks during transit. Together, Aviagen and JAS Worldwide share that commitment to consistently ensuring bird comfort during their transportation. In keeping with this commitment, JAS recently opened two new state-of-the-art, environmentally controlled chick holding rooms within its London Heathrow Warehouse Holding Facility. Also known as “animal lounges,” these specialized spaces provide chicks with a comfortable temporary home before departure.

We recently visited the new JAS Holding Chambers at London’s Heathrow airport to see the innovative facilities first hand and follow the process from arrival to departure. You can see how it all works in the new video.

Aviagen’s global veterinary team worked hand in hand with JAS to carefully design these rooms with bird well-being as the top priority. Each room is equipped with digital control panels which are used to ensure the ideal temperature, humidity, and ventilation. These measures are essential to ensure optimal biosecurity and welfare.

In addition to the latest technology, we have trained colleagues at JAS Worldwide to handle our chicks with care, palletizing and preparing them for their onward journey, while ensuring their well-being at all times.