Mar 15, 2024

Introducing the 2022 Aviagen Sustainability Report: A journey toward a sustainable future for all

Report Intro

Aviagen is pleased to unveil our 2022 Sustainability Report.

As a primary poultry breeder, we understand the ripple effect our actions have on the global supply chain, and we take this responsibility seriously. The report not only sheds light on who we are as a company but also underscores the core values and goals shaping our every decision and interaction. It serves as a testament to our firm commitment to sustainability across the Environmental, Social, and Economic pillars.

In harmony with 5 key SDGs. Aligned with five key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our report illustrates how our top corporate commitments seamlessly intersect with the priorities outlined by the International Poultry Council (IPC). These goals center on eliminating hunger, fostering good health and well-being, championing innovation, promoting education, and protecting our planet for future generations.

Woman holding white chickenBreeding welfare and sustainability. Sustainability and animal welfare go hand in hand, and you’ll see the crucial role that balanced breeding plays in food supply chains worldwide through an intricate poultry breeding production process that prioritizes bird well-being and sustainability. The report outlines our journey of leveraging scientific knowledge and innovation to improve bird well-being and efficiencies, which ultimately contribute to the sustainability of the poultry sector as a whole.

Breeding economic sustainability. Breeding for welfare and sustainability is not only good for the environment and for our birds, but it is good for business. The report effectively makes the case that focusing on the well-being of our birds not only benefits the environment, but also enhances profitability for poultry producers. Additionally, we empower producers through our extensive network of clubs and rewards programs, celebrating the achievements made possible when breeding innovation converges with exceptional management practices.

Breeding social sustainability. By providing communities with access to a sustainable and safe source of nutritious protein, we contribute to the social pillar of sustainability, enriching lives on a global scale. Our commitment to social sustainability is also evident in the caring actions of our teams around the world, who donate their time and funds to helping vulnerable members of their societies.

Breeding success together. Realizing that we are just one part of a broader poultry industry network, we make transparency, communication, and engagement a top commitment. By fostering open dialogue and collaboration with our valued industry customers and peers, we work together to promote success across the entire supply chain.


Commitment to animal and human health, food safety and security. Through our unmatched biosecurity and hygiene, world-class veterinary care, compartment status, and export expertise, we help ensure food safety and security, contributing to the well-being of people worldwide. The end result: Each year millions of healthy birds arrive at our customers’ farms in more than 100 countries.

Sustainability in action. In 2022, Aviagen Brazil reached an impressive milestone: acquiring 95% of its energy from renewable sources, and our campus in India is leading the way in sustainable water treatment. Our sustainability report offers a window into these initiatives, showing how our global teams are actively engaged in activities that conserve natural resources and advance sustainable development efforts.

Read our Sustainability report today.

We invite you to explore our sustainability journey by delving into our comprehensive sustainability report. Join us as we navigate through the Environmental, Social, and Economic pillars that shape our commitment to a more sustainable future. Access the report here.